Lady in helmet holds onto handles of bike. Her cycling jacket is slightly open to show the CUE1 device placed on the centre of her chest. 18th August, 2023

Wearable tech device easing the symptoms of Parkinson’s

CUE1, a non-invasive, wearable device is helping to ‘bring back the smiles of people with Parkinson’s’.

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Male GP measures early man's blood pressure 14th August, 2023

Turning the tide on cardiovascular disease

Health Innovation East worked with Great Yarmouth & North Villages Primary Care Network (GYNV PCN) to optimise blood pressure treatment to prevent cardiovascular events.

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Cancer patient in hospital wearing a hospital gown with arm up in the air 10th August, 2023

Identifying a potentially life-threatening complication at home for cancer patients

Neutrocheck®, at-home finger-prick blood test, will help identify patients at risk of a potentially fatal side-effect of chemotherapy.

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Man holding mobile phone 21st July, 2023

Detecting atrial fibrillation remotely

Preventing avoidable strokes with remote detection of atrial fibrillation.

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In a hospital corridor, a nurse looked down at a elderly patient in a wheelchair 05th July, 2023

Celebrating the NHS

In recognition of 75 years of the NHS, we spoke to colleagues across Health Innovation East to share what the NHS means to them.

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27th June, 2023

Overcoming obstacles to securing grant funding

Esther Lawrence, Senior Business Development Manager, TBAT, uncovers the tools for success when applying for grant funding.

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