Invitations to tender

Here you can find all the latest tendering opportunities at Eastern AHSN

Our purpose is to turn great ideas into positive impact, and we are committed to measuring the difference we and our partners make to health and care outcomes in the East of England. We routinely commission evaluations of our work which is diverse and wide-ranging. We may require evaluations to validate a new tool or device; understand the impact of clinical pathway transformation; or examine how to implement innovation successfully – and anything in between.

The following invitations to tender are currently open.

Past tender opportunities

Invitation to tender: Evaluating the Clinical Digital Resource Collaborative (CDRC) Precision tool

This is an invitation to tender for evaluation services to understand the impact of the CDRC Precision case finding tool in primary care, in supporting quality improvement focused upon optimising care for patients with hypercholesterolaemia.

Invitation to Tender to provide evaluation services for the C2-Ai Pilot Project

This invitation is for evaluation services to understand the impact of the C2-Ai tool which is being implemented as a pilot project in collaboration with the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT). The aim of the C2-Ai enabled platform is to generate enhanced risk profiling of patients currently on elective care waiting lists. Drawing on the priority code assigned by the surgeon as well as individual patient’s risk of complication and deterioration, C2-Ai produces a prioritised patient list – including prioritisation within priority codes. This evaluation will address the impact of the enhanced risk analysis on triaging patients for elective care .