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Our 2021 cohort of innovators present growth strategies developed over the six-week programme

Published: 18th January 2022

Our Scale-Up Academy innovators take their next steps in commercialisation

“One of the most insightful courses ever attended” – not our words, but according to one of the delegates of our latest cohort of our annual Health Innovation East Scale-Up Academy.

We invited four teams of innovators at a key point in their commercialisation journey for an intensive bespoke training programme in partnership with the Triple Chasm Company. Over six weeks, we worked with the selected innovator leadership teams to analyse their current position in the market, define the next strategic targets and fill the resulting gaps to develop a clear execution plan.

The programme is based on methodology developed by Uday Phadke to support companies to overcome specific chasms where their cumulative customer growth risks stalling. Throughout the sessions, participants learned the Scale-Up methodology and how to use industry analysis techniques to equip them with the tools they need to grow their business in the long term. The teams also benefit from follow up from the Health Innovation East team and will reconvene as a group in three months to reflect on and learn from each other’s progress since the course completed.

“The Scale Up Academy has been one of the most insightful courses ever attended. Hearing other entrepreneurs’ journeys as well as anecdotes and experiences shared by the expert facilitators provided meaningful learning, giving us all the confidence and knowledge required to understand what we need to do next and move our business in the best direction.”

Hayden Allen-Vercoe, Chief Operating Officer for Orbital Media, reflects on his experience of the programme.

Dr Uday Phadke, CEO of the Triple Chasm Company, explains why the programme is so important:

“Our research shows that the early stages of business growth take a lot longer than most conventional wisdom reported in business literature. There are economic, technological, commercial, social and cultural factors in the commercialisation process, which is where the Scale-Up Academy comes in.”

Dr Louise Jopling, Commercial Director at Health Innovation East, added:

“At Health Innovation East, a core part of our purpose is helping innovators navigate complex systems. We work with so many innovations with the potential to deliver positive health impact on a larger scale, but they just need the right strategy. I’ve been so impressed by the passion, collaboration and ambition shown by all the innovators in the Scale-Up Academy and I am so excited to see where the next few months and years can take them”

Meet the innovators…

The four innovations in the 2021 cohort are:

  • NeWTS by Orstar Technologies: NeWTS is a novel and bespoke wireless monitoring system which aims to improve the wellbeing of newborns requiring medical care. It allows for continuous monitoring of vital physiological measures including heart rate, blood oxygen levels and skin temperature.
  • MultiplAI: MultiplAI offers a whole blood screening test using RNA sequencing and artificial intelligence to detect complex diseases, including cardiovascular disorders and cancer.
  • VirtTuri by Orbital Media: VirtTuri is a next generation AI avatar digital assistant, combining patented machine learning with an avatar to help promote patient recall of critical healthcare information relating to treatments.
  • qp-Prostate by Quibim: Quibim’s qp-Prostate is a medical image viewing, processing, analysis and reporting suite for prostate MRI quantification.

Get involved

If you are interested in taking part in next year’s Scale-Up Academy, contact Philip Shelton, Principal Advisor – Commercial Lead at Health Innovation East at

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