Active+me Aseptika class cardiac rehab 14th January, 2022

Does it work? Three considerations for getting innovation evaluation right

Sophie Castle-Clarke, Principal Advisor at Eastern AHSN, explains how we measure the impact of our projects through robust evaluation.

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Louise Jopling Eastern AHSN 26th November, 2021

The importance of a winning value proposition (and how to develop one)

How can innovators best articulate their value to patients, health and care services? Dr Louise Jopling, Commercial Director at Eastern AHSN

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Philip Shelton, Principal Advisor - Commercial Lead at Eastern AHSN 14th October, 2021

State your case: 7 questions every innovator needs to ask themselves

Philip Shelton, Principal Advisor - Commercial Lead at Eastern AHSN, explains the essential questions innovators need to answer to develop a

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22nd July, 2021

Five key tips on navigating NHS procurement

Jo Dempsey, Commercial Enterprise Lead at Eastern AHSN, offers five tips for introducing your innovation to NHS procurement.

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iVALiD Persistent depression event news 28th May, 2021

Taking a regional approach to addressing mental health challenges

Tracy Dowling, Chief Executive at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and Non-Executive Director at Eastern AHSN, reflects

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Paitent community engagement participatory appraisal 19th May, 2021

Engaging our communities: What is participatory appraisal?

Helen Oliver, Chief Operating Officer at Eastern AHSN, explains the enduring value of participatory appraisal in designing and maintaining h

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