Clinician with a patient taking their blood pressure 18th April, 2023

How much does the general public know about their blood pressure?

Katherine Cummergen, Senior Advisor, shares what we learned from a survey of over 700 people about blood pressure optimisation

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Man having virtual consultation 03rd March, 2023

Remote rehabilitation: what about health inequalities?

Amy Miller, Senior Advisor at Eastern AHSN, shares the findings of a new report exploring the impact of digital rehabilitation services on h

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app website development coding 01st March, 2023

Can’t code? No problem

How ‘no-code’ is helping anyone become a digital innovator without technical skills. Dr Lloyd Humphreys from Cogniss explains how.

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Piggy bank funding 24th February, 2023

Giving yourself the best chance in NIHR innovation funding applications

Jon Scales, NIHR Research Adviser, explains the 3 key pitfalls to avoid when applying for innovation funding

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Girl in science class with female teacher 10th February, 2023

Celebrating women in science

We spoke to colleagues about their experience and background in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Child with a tablet 06th February, 2023

The awkward space between development and implementation: Children’s Mental Health Week

Jess Garner, Principal Advisor, explores why there is a gap between digital mental health tools being developed and them being implemented i

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