The Medicines Safety Improvement Programme (MedSIP)

The MedSIP programme addresses the most important causes of severe harm associated with medicines, most of which have been long term challenges to the health and care system.

Programme aims

To reduce severe avoidable medication-related harm by 50% by March 2024.

  • To reduce medicine administration errors in care homes by 50% by March 2024.
  • To reduce harm from opioid medicines by reducing high dose prescribing (>120mg oral Morphine equivalent), for non-cancer pain by 50%, by March 2024.

The Eastern Patient Safety Collaborative is supporting care homes to test the following change ideas:

  • Safety huddles, a short, daily multidisciplinary briefing
  • Learning from safety incidents, to prevent future harm
  • Managing medication-round interruptions, to prevent errors and harm
  • Optimising three-way communication between GP, care home and pharmacy

Further information

For more information, please contact Tara Marshall, Clinical Improvement Lead – Deterioration, at [email protected]

The Patient Safety Improvement Programmes are bring delivered in our region by the Eastern Patient Safety Collaborative (PSC), hosted by Eastern AHSN.

What are NatPatSIPs?

The National Patient Safety Improvement Programmes (NatPatSIPs) support a culture of safety, continuous learning and sustainable improvement across the healthcare system. They are run by the Patient Safety Collaboratives (PSCs), which are funded and nationally coordinated by NHS England and NHS Improvement and hosted locally by the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs).

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