Innovation DNA path Cambridge 17th March, 2022

Spotlight on our local innovation community

Eastern AHSN showcase innovations to senior NHS figures

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Man having virtual consultation 17th March, 2022

The top five factors for maximising the value of remote care

Jessica Garner, Senior Advisor at Eastern AHSN, shares five success factors learned from designing an implementation support pack for remote care projects.

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Covid-19 crowd inequalities 09th March, 2022

Pandemics expose fault lines in society

Charlotte James, Director of Communications, Marketing and Engagement and Chair of Eastern AHSN's diversity and inclusion group, explains our commitment to improving health equality.

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Microphone for podcasting 04th March, 2022

The impact of 5G-enabled technology on healthcare

How can 5G help meet the challenges healthcare services currently face? Listen to our latest podcast...

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Sarah Robinson Eastern AHSN psychologist mental health 03rd March, 2022

The importance of having a plan… and knowing when to let it go

Dr Sarah Robinson explains what can lead leaders to stick with a plan even when the situation calls for change, and gives her tips on how to plan flexibly.

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans LGBT flag 28th February, 2022

Why celebrating LGBT+ History Month empowers today’s LGBTQ+ NHS workforce

Tara Marshall, Clinical Lead for Deterioration at Eastern AHSN, describes why recognising the history of LGBTQ+ people is key to helping staff in the NHS feel they can be themselves.

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