Innovation for Healthcare Inequalities Programme (InHIP)

Eastern AHSN is supporting integrated care systems (ICSs) in our region to address health inequalities in line with NHS England’s national Core20PLUS5 programme.

Health inequalities are unfair and avoidable differences in health across the population, and between different groups within society. Reducing health inequalities is key to our strategy and underpins our purpose of turning great ideas into positive impact. In recent years this has been evidenced through our close partnerships within the NHS and the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) in our region.

The InHIP project has been commissioned by NHS England Accelerated Access Collaborative team in partnership with the AHSN Network. The programme will offer funding and programme support to ICSs to enable the identification and adoption of innovations and technologies that address the five clinical priorities within the national Core20PLUS5 strategy – maternity, severe mental illness, chronic respiratory disease, early cancer diagnosis and cardiovascular disease.

Innovations and technologies include medicines, diagnostics, devices, and digital products approved by NICE since 2017.

What is Core20PLUS5?

Core20PLUS5 is a national NHS England and NHS Improvement approach to support the reduction of health inequalities at both national and system level. Core20PLUS5 populations in England suffer from poorer health outcomes, accentuated by the same patients suffering from inequitable access, experience and outcomes from health and care services and treatment pathways.

The approach defines 2 target population cohorts – the ‘Core20 (nationally defined) PLUS (ICS defined) – and identifies ‘5’ focus clinical areas requiring accelerated improvement.

How we are supporting the Core20PLUS5

The Innovation for Healthcare Inequalities programme has two desired outcomes:

  1. Increase NHS awareness of evidence-based innovations that can also reduce healthcare inequalities in these clinical areas
  2. Increase the adoption of these innovations. Improve access, experience and outcomes for Core20PLUS5 populations with these conditions

These outcomes will be achieved by working closely with our ICS partners to understand their local healthcare inequalities improvement priorities and working with system partners to develop an innovation project to address them.

We are working with the Health Inequality leads at each ICB to scope the project. For more information about our work on the InHIP programme, please contact [email protected].

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