CareMonitR enables GP Practices to automate their recall and monitoring activity for patients with long term conditions and standardise care for multimorbidity management. Using intelligent algorithms, the software automatically identifies patients requiring recall and highlights tests required prior to the patient’s review. CareMonitR is a product from CareDoctR.

The CareMonitR Platform provides GP practices the capability to automate identification and recall of their patients with multiple disease conditions. The tool enables reduction in administrative workload and practice appointments, achieving streamlined care and improving patient experience by integrating care across a wider generalist workforce.

CareMonitR is a product from CareDoctR, whose early pilot with three GP practices has shown an average reduction in time spent on recall and monitoring activities of 90% compared to manual systems. The benefits will be further validated during an evaluation that we are supporting this innovator with across eight primary care practices.

We have entered a revenue share with CareDoctR and Eastern AHSN is supporting this innovator with an evaluation across eight primary care practices.

Visit the CareDoctR website now for more information.

Jo Dempsey Commercial Enterprise Lead at Eastern AHSN
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